We believe… The Data

There are so many places you can learn about the power and potential of solar, storage, the benefits of internet but here at tunaamini there are a few main points that are powering our belief that we can rapidly transform the lives of so many people.

1 Solar is the cheapest form of energy in human history.

The cost of solar systems (including storage) have fallen to a dollar per watt as of this year. i.e. we can buy a 1000 watt solar and storage system for $1000. Prices are falling at about 10% a year too.

Yet there are a billion people in energy poverty with no access to electricity, 3 billion still use polluting fuel and stoves for cooking. Universal access to clean energy is one of the UN Goals: SDG7

2 Africa especially has a natural advantage in solar power

You don’t have to have an IQ of a nobel laureate to see that some of the poorest nations in the world have a natural blessing of solar power potential waiting to be liberated.