Internet Transformation


Children in rural Africa are four years behind their equivalent in the top private schools in the capital cities.
Giving equality of opportunity would seem far-fetched even several years ago. But now with the breakthrough prices of solar and storage power, together with widespread internet roll-out including Google Loon and increased telcom projects funded by the Universal Fund, those neglected can be transformed into digital pupils of today at the forefront of knowledge.

Adding internet can be as simple as giving someone a mobile device with 3/4G. But until we negotiate benevolent rates with Service Providers this won’t be the most cost-effective solution. Rather, creating a hub with a local WiFi network is, that way a single 3/4G connection can be shared among many. Our devices can be installed with MDM (mobile device management) so that nobody comes a cropper and uses all their bandwidth in a single hour; or downloads a nefarious app; and rather we can install and promote the most universally helpful apps like Wikipedia and Khan Academy.

The tunaamini net transformation 1 package consists of a solar and storage solution that captures enough power to charge and power a MiFi (mobile WiFi) router and several mobile devices. It’s ideal for small schools and villages and can impact many lives.