Charitable Donations

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We have a gofundme we’re raising funds for right now. Please consider donating, we have proven a rock-solid supply chain from factory to homestead and transform lives efficiently.

Youtube Channel Open

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We started a Youtube channel to help document and advertise our cause… also as a picture is worth a thousand words, videos can speak even greater volumes literally and metaphorically! These units were great, but we found some slightly lower spec ones available in Kenya already (just not being marketed or distributed to the people […]

New Microunits ordered

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Today we ordered our first 500 solar microlights from China at a mere $3.50 each. That’s 500 women like Emelia and their families that will have their lives transformed. Given the data that a small homestead will have a kerosene lamp on for 3-4 hours a night and use $0.20 of fuel a night; and […]

Kwale Research – Part 2

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In Msambweni I got to interview some of the men of the village. They had so many complaints and worries on their minds, but often they were on similar topics. I went on a Saturday which was market day with temporary wooden makeshift structures.Their main worries were serious: number one was always healthcare and access […]

Kenya off-grid user research 2019

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Last month, I went on a useful research expedition with an aim of reviewing our rural villages that are both literally and metaphorically off the beaten track. We have an idea that there’s now huge potential due to plunging prices for off-grid electrification programs and projects based on Photovoltaic (PV) systems, including Solar Pico Systems […]

Our ‘business’ model

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Welcome, and thanks for your interest. We are rapidly evolving all aspects of tunaamini – and that includes our business model which we’ll talk about. But no matter which, we’re operating as a not-for-profit and all donations will go 100% on additional solar and internet hardware in somebody’s village/home and we’ll update you with photos […]

tunaamini apply for Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund

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We applied for this funding up to KSH 13million, which if we are lucky enough to secure would catalyse us to catalyse people’s lives! We feel tunaamini answers the main criteria well: IMPACT Ability to substantially create large numbers of new jobs, significantly improve job quality and/or contribute a relatively large increase in income generated […]